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Upcoming Events

TODAY IS: Thursday, Jan 17, 2019

Gas Turbine Combustion Short Course (GTCSC)
March 11-14, 2019
Irvine, CA

Detailed instruction on the emissions, design, performance, theory, and regulations associated with gas turbine combustion systems.

Click here for the GTCSC website and registration.

Atomization and Sprays Short Course (A&SSC)
March 15 and 16, 2019
Irvine, CA

Introduction to the theory of atomization and evaporation, and how these concepts connect to fuel injection, coatings, and pharmaceuticals.

Click here for the A&SSC website and registration.

19th Annual International Colloquium on Environmentally Preferred Advanced Power Generation (ICEPAG)
March 26, 27, and 28, 2019
Irvine, CA

Will be held on campus at UCI. Join global clean energy professionals from industry, government and academia who strive to remain on the cutting edge of the clean energy paradigm shift.

Click here for the ICEPAG 2019 website and registration.


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