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UCICL Books/Book Chapters (2008 and newer)


  • GROUND BASED GAS TURBINE COMBUSTION: METRICS, CONSTRAINTS, AND SYSTEM INTERACTIONS (2013). In Gas Turbine Emissions, T. Lieuwen and V. Yang (eds). (V.G. McDonell and M. Klein)
  • MULTIPHASE DYNAMICS AND POLLUTANT FORMATION, in Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering, R. Blockley and W. Shyy (eds).  John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK, pp 879-888, Oct 2010 (V.G. McDonell and Derek Dunn-Rankin)
  • OPERABILITY ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH STEADY FLOW COMBUSTORS (2009).  Chapter 9 In Synthesis Gas Combustion:  Fundamentals and Analysis, Taylor and Francis, 2009. (T. Lieuwen, V.G. McDonell, D. Santavicca, and T. Sattlemayer)
  • LEAN COMBUSTION IN GAS TURBINES (2008).  In Lean Combustion—Technology and Control, edited by D. Dunn-Rankin, Academic Press, San Diego.  (V.G. McDonell)
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