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ASME Turbo Expo 2013, San Antonio, TX



Zhixuan Duan, Vince McDonell, and Amin Akbari
(left to right) after receipt of their
ASME travel awards.

Zhixuan Duan and Dr. Amin Akbari participated in the annual ASME International Gas Turbine Institute’s Turbo Expo conference from 3-7 June 2013 which was held at the San Antonio Convention Center.  The conference featured a show case of nearly 100 exhibitors and included keynote presentations by leaders in the field relative to the future outlook for gas turbine technology.  TurboExpo is arguably the largest conference held on gas turbine technology for aviation and power generation.  Zhixuan and Amin presented papers on their recent research at the UCICL as part of more than 1020 papers at this year’s TurboExpo meeting.  In addition, they were able to attend programs for young engineers and meet with colleagues and leading researchers from around the world in the gas turbine field.  One of the papers presented by Zhixuan Duan was a collaboration between UC Irvine and the Technical University of Munich in which Georg Baumgartner spent 1 month at UCI in October 2012 helping to conduct interlaboratory flashback studies.  Zhixuan Duan and Amin Akbari were each awarded a travel stipend of $2000 from ASME to support their participation at the conference.

Papers presented by UCICL:

  • A.Akbari, V.G. McDonell, and G.S. Samuelsen (2013).  Impact of Fuel Composition on Blowoff and Flashback in Swirl Stabilized Lean Premixed Combustion, Paper GT2013-94824
  • Z.Duan, B.Shaffer, V.G. McDonell, G. Baumgartner, T. Sattelmayer (2013).  Influence of Burner Material, Tip Temperature, and Geometrical Flame Configuration on Flashback Propensity of H2-Air Jet Flames, Paper GT2013-94823
  • Z.Duan, B.Shaffer, and V.G. McDonell (2013).  Study of Fuel Composition, Burner Material, and Tip Temperature Effects on Flashback of Enclosed Jet Flame, Paper GT2013-94822.


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