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Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS) Conference:



The 26th Annual ILASS -Americas Conference was held in Portland Oregon May 18 - 21. UCI Combustion Laboratory (UCICL) Master's students, Meagan Sung and Adam Silver, along with Dr. Vince McDonell, participated in the ILASS conference. The students presented papers on their research, "A Comparison of Water in Fuel and Steam Injection on the Performance of a Diesel Fueled Model Gas Turbine Combustor" and "Experimental Investigation of Atomization Behavior for Renewable Biofuels as a Drop in Fuel Source for Existing Gas Turbines", respectively. Dr. McDonell presented UCICL student Guillermo Gomez's research on "Penetration of Emulsion Jet-in-Crossflow at Elevated Pressure Conditions." Dr. McDonell is active on the ILASS-Americas Board of Directors and currently serves as the Vice-Chair. More information about ILASS-Americas can be found at www.ilass.org, the papers presented at the conference are available online http://ilass.org/2/recent-papers-form.html



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