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8th US National Combustion Meeting, Park City, Utah


Combustion Meeting

At the base of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games Ski Jump Hill: (from left to right--Anthony Jordan, Zhixuan Duan, Vince McDonell, Andrés Colorado).

TOP: Andrés Colorado begins
his presentation.

BOTTOM: Anthony Jordan begins
his presentation


Anthony Jordan, Zhixuan Duan, Andrés Colorado, and Amin Akbari participated in the 8th US National Combustion Meeting, held in Park City Utah from 19 – 22 May 2013.  More than 400 attendees participated in the bi-annual conference which was hosted by the University of Utah.  Each student presented one or more papers on their research conducted at the UCI Combustion Laboratory.  In addition, research by Dr. David Beerer (Ph.D., 2013), currently working at the Aerospace Corporation was also presented by Professor McDonell.  The conference was held at The Canyons resort.  The students were provided with travel support from The Combustion Institute and the Western States Section of the Combustion Institute.  In addition, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering provided travel support to Zhixuan Duan.

Papers presented by UCICL:

  • A.Akbari, R.L. Hack, V.G. McDonell and G.S. Samuelsen (2013).  Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Nitrous Oxide in Lean Combustion of Alternative Fuels, Paper 070EN-0153.
  • A. Akbari, V.G. McDonell and G.S. Samuelsen (2013).  Study of NOx from Different Natural Gas and Hydrogen Fuel Compositions in Combustion Applications, Paper 070IC-0148
  • D. Beerer, V.G. McDonell, P.L. Therkelsen, and R.L. Cheng (2013).  Flashback and Turbulent Flame Speed Measurements in a Hydrogen and Methane Fired Low-Swirl Injector at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures (2013).  Paper 070IC-0150
  • A. Colorado and V.G. McDonell (2013).  Impact of Ethane, Propane, and Diluent Content in Natural Gas on the NOx Emissions of a Commercial Microturbine Generator, Paper 070IC-0200
  • A. Jordan, V.G. McDonell, and G.S. Samuelsen (2013).  Fuel Interchangeability Effects on a Scaled Industrial Boiler, Paper 070ST-0147.
  • Z. Duan, B.Schaffer, and V.G. McDonell (2013).  Influence of Burner Material, Tip Temperature and Fuel Composition on Flashback Behavior of Jet Flames, Paper 070LT-0151.


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