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Student Exchange Program Leads to Publication


With support from BACATEC (Bavaria California Technology), UCICL and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) collaborated on research to study flashback hydrogen/air mixtures. Independent research of BACATEC and TUM was combined with new data taken at UCICL using a TUM test apparatus to help generalize results associated with the impact of burner material, geometry, and temperatures. A publication documenting the results has recently been accepted for publication by ASME. 


Flashback results for turbulent jet flames reveal a wide range of behavior which is a function of the burner material and confinement.  Research is being conducted to correlate these effects which have not been extensively studied in the past.



INFLUENCE OF BURNER MATERIAL, TIP TEMPERATURE, AND GEOMETRICAL FLAME CONFIGURATION ON FLASHBACK PROPENSITY OF H2-AIR JET FLAMES (2013). Accepted for publication, ASME J. Engr. Gas Turbines and Power. (Z. Duan, B. Shaffer, V. McDonell, G.Baumgartner, and T. Sattelmayer)






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