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Smart Burner System Under Development for Improved Performance
and Fuel Flexibility


UCI Combustion Laboratory students Jamie Ibrahim, Nathan Kirksey, and Dimas Avilas are working on a new project sponsored by the California Energy Commission. Together with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the UCICL is working to develop and install a ?smart? burner that can tune itself to maximize performance and minimize emissions. While development work is to be done in laboratories at the UCICL, the system will eventually be installed and operated at the Chiquita Water Reclamation Facility in the Santa Margarita Water District. The students are pictured documenting the fuel gas piping that carries a mixture of CO2 and methane produced by treatment of waste water at the site. The fuel gas can vary in composition throughout the year which can impact performance of the boilers and microturbine generators that use the fuel to produce on-site power and heat at the facility. The students will engineer a fuel composition sensor to be installed in the fuel system feeding the boiler that will be used to document the real time variability of the fuel gas. This sensor will be part of the overall smart burner system once it is integrated and installed.

Jamie, Nathan, and Dimas document dimensions of the fuel gas delivery system for “Boiler #2” at the Chiquita Water Reclamation Facility. Jamie, Nathan, and Dimas in front of operating microturbine generators which use gas derived from the treatment of waste water to produce electricity and heat for use on site.






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